“YURUMEIN (Homeland)”
50-minute documentary about the Caribs / Garifuna of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. (2014)
 “Jamesie, King of Scratch”
70-minute documentary about Scratch Band or Quelbe music focusing on James “Jamesie” Brewster, the legendary musician from the U.S. Virgin Islands. (2006)
 “Mom’s Medicine”
10-minute trailer about a Garifuna woman living in Chicago and her mother who is a midwife and healer in Belize. (2001)
“The Garifuna Journey”
45-minute video documentary and study guide about a group of people in Belize whose African/Amerindian ancestors successfully resisted slavery (1997).
“The Long Road Home”
30-minute video documentary and study guide about Guatemalan refugees (1992).
“Jump Up/ Mix Up”
10-minute 16mm film about the masquerade festival in Toronto known as“Caribana” (1990).

“Who is Jim Taylor & What is the Community Film Workshop,”

40-minute video Dino Malcolm, Producer (1990).

CO-PRODUCER / WRITER: “Voodoo and The Church In Haiti”
40-minute, 16 mm film documentary about Voodoo as a traditional African religion in the new world (1988)

“The Musicians Building”

40-minute video documentary about a building that housed musicians in Chicago (1987).


FOUNDER: St. John Film Society, a free monthly film screening series presented on St. John, in the US Virgin Islands.

FOUNDER / CO-DIRECTOR: REELTIME, a free monthly series of public programs at the Evanston Public Library. The series presents independent media and brings the public at large and film/videomakers together to promote discussion about issues of concern to the community.

PROJECT DIRECTOR: “The Garifuna Journey” a collaborative archiving project with the Garifuna people documenting aspects of their culture. Completed work resulted in several video documentaries and a multi-media traveling exhibition and archives for the Garifuna Nation. Copies of materials placed in Center for Black Music Research archives.

CO-OP MEMBER: New Day Films, Inc., a group of independent filmmakers who work cooperatively to self-distribute social-issue documentaries.

PROJECT DIRECTOR: “The Long Road Home,” a collaborative project with Mayan refugees living in Chicago which resulted in a multi-media traveling exhibition and a 30 minute documentary. Exhibit included: Drawings, photographs, and pottery.


Panel Participant: Sacred Journeys conference, Oxford, England. July 2014

Panel Participant: Diaspora Voices, New Directions: conference, University of Toronto, April 2014.

Visiting Artist, St. Vincent, West Indies 2005. Traveled on island presenting“The Garifuna Journey” to Caribe descendants.

Panel Participant: International Council for Traditional Music Conference, Brazil (2001);“Echoes of the Bone,” Northwestern University Conference; Caribbean Studies Association Conference; and the Evanston Arts Council.

Columbia College, Chicago, Il. Taught documentary production in film/video department (1999-2001).

Panel Co-Facilitator/Presenter on “outsider/insider” collaboration in documenting ones’ culture: Field Museum of Chicago; American Museum of Natural History, NY.

Co-authored: “Special Project” article, Cultural Survival Quarterly, Spring 1996 & 1998

Authored,“A Personal Distribution Story,” Angles Magazine, Vol. 3, #2, 1997

Authored, “Garifuna Settlement Day: A Celebration of Resistance,” ACM Magazine, Spring 1996

Panel member for application review, Chicago Artists International Program, 1995

Juror, Women In The Directors Chair Film Festival, 1994, 1997.

Panelist, 1994 Presenters Incubator Regrant Program, funded by NEA & MacArthur Foundation
Conferences attended: NEFVF 1994, NAMAC 1993, Robert Flaherty Seminar for Independent Video and Cinema: 1994

Juror, American Film Festival, Chicago, Illinois, 1989.

Panel Moderator, Chicago Area Film and Video Network Conference, 1989.

Authored,“Collages, Carvings and Quilts,” The Visual Arts of St. Vincent,” Caribbean Review, Vol. XIV, No. 1,1985.

Guest lecturer, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, 1983-86.

Guest Lecturer, Parkside University of Wisconsin Extension, 1986.



  • Virgin Islands Arts Council grant for “The Jamesie Project”


  • Virgin Islands Humanities Council grant for“The Jamesie Project.”
  • Virgin Islands Arts Council grant for“The Jamesie Project.”
  • Illinois Humanities Council grant for“The Jamesie Project.”


  • Virgin Islands Humanities Council grant for“The Jamesie Project.”


  • Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award


  • Grants for Reeltime program: Illinois Humanities Council, Illinois Arts Council, Playboy Foundation
  • Illinois Humanities Grant for“Valentina, Midwife and Healer.”


  • Rotary International, grant to distribute“The Garifuna Journey” video and Study guide for distribution to schools in Belize.


  • Evanston Arts Council Cultural Fund, Major grant for“The Garifuna Journey”
  • Zonta International, Grant to develop study guide for Garifuna project.
  • The Artistic Achievement Award in Ethnographic Video, Huntington International Independent Film Festival
  • Award of Merit in Film/Video, Latin American Studies Association
  • Honorable Mention, Phila Film International Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film Festival


  • CAIP travel grant (Belize), Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Special Assistance Grant: Illinois Arts Council (Garifuna project)


  • ”Bronze Apple” National Educational Film and Video Festival.
  • Grants for“The Long Road Home” project: Resist & The Shefa Fund


  • “Honorable Mention” Columbus International Film & Video Festival.
  • “Certificate of Appreciation” Earth Peace International Film Festival.
  • Grants for“The Long Road Home” project: Chicago Office of Fine Arts, Peace Development Fund, Resist, New Prospect Foundation, Landau Family Foundation.
  • Special Assistance Grant: Illinois Arts Council, for arts consultant Morrie Warshawski.


  • Community Arts Assistance Grant: Chicago Office of Fine Arts.


  • Build Illinois Filmmakers Grant: Community Film Workshop


  • Community Arts Assistance Grant: Chicago Office of Fine Art.


  • Chairman’s Grant: Illinois Arts Council.



  • Landscape Show: Sebastopol Center for the Arts, California, group exhibition
  • Street Printing Festival, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, California.

2005 & 2008

  • Michael Banzhaf Gallery, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Solo exhibition


  • Art Institute of Chicago, School Gallery,“Extentions” (catalog)


  • Chicago Public Library/Cultural Center, West Gallery


  • Morton College Art Gallery, Cicero, Illinois


  • Evanston Art Center, Evanston, Illinois
  • Rubiner Gallery, Royal Oak, Michigan


  • Kit Basquin Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Illinois,“Static Motion” (catalog)
  • Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, Illinois


  • Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, Illinois
  • Borg Warner Corporation
  • Citycorp Inc.
  • Altshuler, Melvoin, Glasser Associates
  • Peat, Marwick, Mitchell Associates
  • Cellular Business Systems
  • Numerous private collections